Digiortho Digital Impression

Advanced intraoral scanner. No click-fees. No powder. Open system delivers standard STL.

•The scanner offers all advantages of digital impressioning compared to convention impression methods;
•Working with the portable DÝGÝORTHO scanner is easy to learn;
•The restoration choice can be made with the patient;
•The software support chairside PrepCheck and correction;
•The scan data and the chosen restoration are processed automatically without further handling in the practice.
•Portable system ideal for several dentists in one location or more then one praxis
•Open system with STL output without click fees
•Lightweight and small handpiece for easy use
•Extreme fast scanning win up to 20% in chair time
•Scanning without spray for higher patient comfort

•No powder required.
•Proprietary Anti-Fogging system against moisture on the lense inside mouth
•Possibility to pause and continue a scan at any time
•Hygenic use with or without latex cover (use over mouth piece only)
•Handpiece works as 3D mouse
•Possibilities for extra gingivascan, waxup, double scan etc
•Open architecture
•Revolutionary combination of Confocal Microscopy and Smart Pixel sensor (image correction)
•Real time stitching for immediate feedback on-screen with full maneuverability in the patient’s mouth
•Portable and lightweight
•Single tooth model only takes 1~2 minutes, and 3~4 minutes for multi.
•Perfect for single tooth, full arches or complicated impressions, inlays, onlays , implants and orthodontic.


• Accuracy:                                                 Die 15µm, qd 40µm 

• 3D scanning principle                                 Confocal microscop

• Pixel on sensor (XxY)                                 50µm x 86µm

• Scanned area                                            9.6mm x10.4mm

• Size (WxHxD)                                            40 x 40 x 350mm

• Weight                                                      600g

• Light source                                              Laser

• Interface                                                  USB 2.0 PC

• Output data format                                     STL

• Scanning speed                                        14 scans/sec