What is Orapix?

This system developed in South Korea by the company of the same name is distributed in Turkey by Digiortho.
Orapix is at first a system of digitalization which transforms the information of a pair of impression or a pair of plaster models into 3D digital data.
Orapix, it is also a system of bracket placement on fully individualized virtual set-up and manufacturing of Jigs of transfer by the technology CAD / CAM.
Orapix can be used for any orthodontic treatment of the adult and the teenager.
The Orapix straight-wire system , worked out by Dr Didier Fillion, facilitates considerably the lingual technique because it allows the use of straight wires without bend.

The lingual technique becomes more precise, more effective, more comfortable and simpler.

Problems of the lingual
•έmprecise Procedure of laboratory
•Require many bends on the wires
•Phase of laborious finishing

Solutions Orapix
•Eliminate the phase of laboratory
•Use straight wires without bend
•Teeth move gradually during the treatment towards the ideal oclusion given by the Set-up

***Orapix, έt is a new concept for the orthodontics***

Why to choose Orapix
•Optimize the position of teeth in the Set-up to obtain a perfect occlusion
•Individualize the location of every bracket
•Eliminate the errors due to the manual laboratory process
•Require no archwire making at chair
•Facilitate the finishing thanks to the ideal occlusion given by the Set-up
•Decrease the number and the duration og the appointments

Today, the Orapix-Archwire system

• Is used in numerous French and foreign Universities which teach the lingual technique.
• Is taught by the most experimented practitioners.
• Be going to benefit from the beginning of 2010, from a scientific support thanks to the publication of numerous articles.
• Demonstrate its efficiency by the presentation of clinical cases in international congress and seminars.

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