Before the procedure the size of your teeth, bite, photographs and X-ray is taken.
These materials and the treatment plan is sent to the center of digiortho. Produces special plates you Digiortho them - you fully prepared for the colorless plaques.
Each plaque is attached for 2 weeks and just eating them, drinking and brushing your teeth using a rope subtract.
Replace a plaque with a new one every 2 weeks.
Your teeth will move every time the desired direction, and this will continue until the resolution of the teeth to come in the desired position.
Every 6 weeks, you'll go to visit your dentist for treatment in accordance with the study developed.
Digiortho with orthodontic treatment lasts typically 4-15 months, and this time you use 8 to 30 plates.
Completion of the treatment period, each state will vary according to.

3d scan
Tooth size in the center with 3-D scanners are scanned Digiortho.
3d plannig
Computer software is planned models, 3d printer machines are produced.
Straightener plates
planned patient-specific models produced transparent straightener plaques.
Teeth impression
Dentist get  impression and bite from the patient with clasical system


new system digital impression with 3D intraoral scanner